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What's in a room?

Ashdown has four types of rooms. They are:
  • Efficiencies ($1280/month): one bedroom and kitchen
  • Two-bedroom ($1139/month/person): two bedrooms, kitchen, and common area
  • Three-bedroom ($948/month/person): three bedrooms, kitchen, and common area
  • Three-bedroom suite with no kitchen ($831/month/person): three bedrooms
All suites have a bathroom. Rent figures above are for 2013-2014, and include all utilities (water, heat, electrical, MIT network/internet access). There is an additional $5/month house tax that goes towards community events. There are no other monthly housing charges.

Every bedroom contains an elevated bed (twin, extra long) with drawers underneath, a desk with a hutch (set of bookshelves) above it, an office chair, a small chest of drawers, and a wardrobe (but no closet). Click here for detailed floor plans of a typical unit of each of these types, with the furniture sizes shown.

All kitchens come with a full oven, four-burner electric stove, sink, and refrigerator (full-size for two- and three-bedroom suites, half-size for efficiencies). Additionally, most kitchen suites will have microwaves: however, we cannot guarantee that there will be a microwave in your suite or that your microwave will be replaced if it breaks.

Kitchens in the two- and three-bedroom suites include a table with two to three chairs.

Note that the three-bedroom suites without kitchens do not have refrigerator or microwaves supplied. However, you may purchase or obtain your own refrigerator, and microwaves are available for use in the common floor kitchens.

All common areas contain a couch, an easy chair, and at least two small tables. In addition to your bedroom door, suite doors are also do lock, and the use of your suite common area (whether you want to use it for storage, entertainment centre, as a dining room, etc.) is entirely your decision with your suitemates.

If when you move in your room is missing any of these articles of furniture, please report it to the House Manager Denise Lanfranchi immediately (dlan (at)

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