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Reporting problems

NW35 is still a new building. A number of problems are currently being worked on, and yet unknown problems may turn up. The best thing you can do to help resolve these problems is to report them immediately.


If you are locked out of your room between the hours of 7am and midnight, please visit Front Desk to borrow a spare key to your room so you can retrieve your own key. The key must be returned within one hour. If you are locked out between midnight and 7am, the nightwatch (security guard) on duty can help you. Please first visit the Front Desk to see if he/she is located there; if not, dial extension 31500 from a campus phone (such as the ones in the hallway), or +1 617 253 1500 from any phone, to reach MIT Facilities, who can page the Ashdown nightwatch for you.

Problems with your Room

Problems with your room (including clogged drains, burned out light bulbs, heating or air conditioner problems, etc.) are handled by MIT facilities. If you have any problems, please email Denise Lanfranchi, the House Manager (dlan (at) Make sure to include your name and room number, as well as a detailed description of the problem. Alternatively, you can also contact FIXIT, either by calling them at +1 617 253 4948 (between 9 am and 5 pm) or +1 617 253 1500 (after 5 pm) or creating a repair request (see below).

Laundry Room

If you notice any problems with the laundry room, such as a broken washer or dryer, problems with the tech cash machine, or issues inserting coins, please contact our house manager Denise Lanfranchi (dlan (at) and the Inventory Committee (ashdown-inventory (at) with a description of the problem. Alternatively, you can also contact FIXIT, either by calling them at +1 617 253 4948 (between 9 am and 5 pm) or +1 617 253 1500 (after 5 pm) or creating a repair request (see below).

Computer Problems

For issues connecting your personal computer to the wireless network, contact Denise Lanfranchi, the House Manager (dlan (at) If you find any issues with the computers or printers in Ashdown's Athena cluster, please contact Ashdown's tech committee (ashdown-tech (at) and they will look into the problem. If you find that the Athena cluster is missing supplies (such as paper, staples, etc.), let the front desk know and they will provide you with more.

Gyms and Pool table

If you notice any problems or have any suggestions for improving Ashdown's gyms, contact our Athletics officer (ashdown-athletics (at) Additionally, the Athletics officer can also help if there are problems with the pool table or the pool cues.

Common Kitchens

If you notice anything wrong with the common kitchens (clogged drains, out of paper towels, etc.) please contact our house manager Denise Lanfranchi (dlan (at) with a description of the problem. Please remember to clean up after yourself every time you cook, and never leave your cooking unattended (unattended cooking may be thrown away). If you accidentally burn something while cooking, open the windows but do not open the hallway door, as it will set off the fire alarm in the building.

Front desk equipment

For broken, malfunctioning, or missing front desk items, please contact the inventory officer at ashdown-inventory (at) so a new one can be purchased. We won't know the item is broken unless reported! Additionally, if you have suggestions for new items you would like to see at the front desk, the inventory officer can help with that as well.


As a new building we have fortunately been largely free of pests. Please help keep the building pest-free by storing all food in either a refrigerator, cabinet or hard plastic box and clean up all food mess immediately regardless of whether it is an organised event or your own room. If you see any pests of any kind, such as roaches, mice, bedbugs or ants, please notify the house manager immediately at dlan (at) so it is possible to do something before the problem spreads.


As a new building, a lot of lounge arrangements, community events and facilities are under a well-discussed but experimental state. Many policies are also experimental, but are almost always formulated after heavy discussion during AHEC meetings which are open to all Ashdown residents with agendas announced to the mailing list before every meeting. We very much welcome input, suggestions, feedback and proposals for changes or events that would positively impact the Ashdown community and social life within a reasonable budget. If you have suggestions of this type, please e-mail AHEC at ahec (at) or feel free to drop in on an AHEC meeting any time, which typically occur on Thursday evenings as announced to the mailing list.

Repair Request

Repair requests may be created on the Atlas website (requires MIT certificate).
  • Select your Room Number from the drop down menu. PLEASE NOTE: if you live in a suite, you MUST enter either the A, B, or C in the "Additional Location Information" box.
  • You can also track your repair request on this site.
  • If you have an emergency issue during off-hours (Evenings/Night/Weekends), please call Facilities at "FIXIT" 617-253-4948 or 617-253-1500 (or x31500 from one of Ashdown's hall/wall-mounted phones). Please provide your Room Number and a description of the problem.

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