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For Prospective Residents

Ashdown House just moved its entire community and culture to a new, larger building in the northwest part of the MIT campus, taking the name along with the community. As such, Ashdown House is, in different senses, both the oldest and the newest graduate residence hall at MIT, giving residents unique benefits. Here are the top reasons to live in Ashdown:

1 Because we are the OLDEST Graduate House at MIT

A resident carves the MIT logo into a pumpkin at the annual pumpkin carving competition
  • Best Grad Social Events on Campus. Coffee Hour every week for over 50 years, brunch every month, plus dance parties, holiday celebrations, talent shows, outings, free dinners and more.
  • Community involvement. Throughout its history, Ashdown House has been run by student officers who make things happen. YOU, too, can make your dreams happen in the dorm -- and yes, we can probably help you fund it if you ask.
  • Thirsty Ear Pub in Ashdown House, student-run and established in 1960.
  • An Alumni Association, with still-active members who lived in Ashdown House over 60 years ago.

2 Because we are the NEWEST Graduate House at MIT

Thanksgiving Dinner in the brand-new Hulsizer Room in NW35.
  • Modern facilities such as an exercise room, weight room, music practise room, ping-pong table, pool table, two beautiful large courtyards, giant LCD HDTV's and still more stuff to come.
  • Comfortable furnished student rooms, designed with input from graduate students to meet graduate student needs. Big windows, lots of light, versatile desk, and NO shared bedrooms. Large common areas in every suite that you can decide what to do with (video games, potluck dinners, storage, studying, whatever you decide). Oh, and did we mention everything is still shiny and new?
  • A vibrant international community of over 450 students. We speak dozens of languages and come from all over the planet. Meet fellow residents both from your own faraway hometown as well as learn about other fascinating cultures just by making friends. Living at Ashdown House is a truly multi-cultural experience.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports in every bedroom. Four of them, actually. Of course we have wireless, too, for those who prefer. Your internet connectivity dreams have come true.

So, if you are thinking about where you want to live during your graduate career at MIT, join the lottery on the Graduate Housing website, and select Ashdown House!

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