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Officer Reimbursement Procedures

As part of your responsibilities as an Ashdown officer, you may occasionally be called upon to make purchases for Ashdown House or Ashdown events, such as food, equipment, supplies, etc. Please follow the guidelines below to make sure you are properly (and promptly) reimbursed for your expenses.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the AHEC treasurer at ahec-treasurer (at)

1 Making purchases

1. Make sure to use the tax-exempt forms (ST-2, ST-5) to avoid paying sales tax. As an MIT student group, Ashdown House does not have to pay sales tax. Always take both tax-exempt forms with you when you go shopping for Ashdown, as you will not be reimbursed for any sales tax inadvertently paid. If making purchases online, you may be able to receive the tax exemption by calling the company directly. If you purchase from Amazon, please follow the directions given on the Sourcing & Procurement website.

2. Always get an itemized receipt: If you shop at a store/restaurant that does not print out receipts, please ask for a handwritten itemized list of your purchases and their costs, which is then signed by the seller. A credit card slip or a receipt stating only the total cost is NOT sufficient to receive reimbursement. In most cases, it is possible to request an itemized receipt at the time of purchase.

3. If you pay a tip, please indicate that you paid a tip, as well as the amount, on your receipt.

4. If you buy your personal goods along with the Ashdown-related items: Clearly indicate and cross out any personal expenses, as they will not be reimbursed.

2 Receiving reimbursement

5. Go to Atlas and click on "My Reimbursements" under the Menu Panel on the left of the page. When forwarding the RFP, seach for 'rzeznik' and then select "Andrew Joseph Rzeznik" (Current ahec treasurer).

6. Go to "Request a Reimbursement for Me"

7. Fill in the following information:
  • Name this RFP: "Ashdown House"
  • Date of Service: Date of the event you made a purchase for OR date of purchase if the purchase was not for an event
  • G/L Account
    • Food (ordered in or cooked in the house) → 421000
    • Food eaten outside (Restaurants, Ice-cream socials) → 420344
    • Materials and Services → 420226
  • Cost Object
    • Events and Purchases for Ashdown ONLY → 2720319
    • Events and Purchases for all MIT → LEAVE EMPTY
  • Amount: Enter the amount of money you paid
  • Explanation: Include name of your committee, name of a sub-category (ex. event name), number of attendees (if applicable) and any additional information
    • Example #1: Committee: Floor 5; Sub-category: August floor event; Number of attendees: 20; Details: Movie outing to view Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Example #2: Committee: Tech; Sub-category: Server Purchase; Details: Servers for setting up Minecraft
8. Click on "Save & Continue" and upload your receipt. You can either scan or take a photo of it.
9. Upload your receipt and proof of payment. You can either scan or take a photo of them.
  • Receipt must be an itemized receipt as described in "7.1. Making Purchases" section
  • Proof of payment
    • Itemized receipt can be used as the proof of payment if it says "paid with card ********nnnn", where nnnn are the last four digits of your credit/debit card number
    • Itemized receipt can be used as the proof of payment if it says "paid in cash"
    • If your receipt does NOT show either of the messages above or if you use other modes of payment (ex. check), take a picture of your bank statement or a screenshot of your online banking that shows the amount cleared from your personal account
10. Click on "send to" and send the RFP to the Ashdown House Executive Committee (AHEC) Treasurer, ahec-treasurer (at) See the Ashdown House Government page for additional contact information.

The Ashdown treasurer will see your RFP and sign it for you online. However, it is your responsibility to turn in the original receipts, proofs of payments, and a printout of the screenshot of the completed RFP to the SAO. Once you turn in the required documents, your RFP will be approved.

Couple reminders:

  • The faster you submit your documents to the SAO, the faster you will get reimbursed.
  • When requesting reimbursements for events funded by outside funding sources (ex. LEF/ARCADE, GSC Funding Board, GSC Orientation Committee), make sure to attach appropriate event listing, advertisement, and/or poster to the RFP.
  • Do not open your RFP to inspect it once you send it to the treasurer. A "letter" icon next to your RFP means it has been sent to the treasurer and/or the SAO for further processing, and re-opening this RFP will result in the RFP being returned to your inbox. To check the progress of your RFP, please refer to "How to trace the status of my reimbursement" in the FAQ section.

3 Forms

  • Tax-Exempt Forms: ST-2, ST-5 (bring both when going shopping!)


Can I use the inter-departmental mail to deliver my receipts and RFP page printouts to the SAO?

Yes, you can put your receipts and RFP page printouts in the inter-departmental envelope and address it to "SAO desk workers" and "W20-549".

How do I track the status of my RFP?

Go to "Track My Reimbursements" under Menu/My Reimbursements, and select RFPs to display by selecting the appropriate range of days you want to track.

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