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Welcome to Minecraft@Ashdown, a small community of enthusiastic Minecraft players at Ashdown. The server is whitelisted and is primarily intended for use by current Ashdown residents. To apply for access, please fill out linked form below. All verified players will automatically be subscribed to the mailing list so that players can coordinate and interact via email as well. We will also contact you with the server's address so that you can log-in.

In the spirit of Minecraft being an open game, we want to lay down as little in the way of rules and regulations as possible. That being said, we do have some general guidelines that must be followed in order for players to maintain access to the server. These are as follows:

  • NO Griefing, by which is meant that deliberate destruction with malicious intent of other players' progress, creative works or even their individual Minecraft persons is strictly forbidden. Griefing can take many forms and includes: killing other players, setting other people's works on fire via lava blocks, flooding their houses with water, planting TNT and setting traps on other players' property, etc...
  • NO Stealing, by which is meant that going into other player's personal chests and taking their items will not be tolerated. You may visit other player's structures and home bases, but you may not steal from them.
  • NO Spawning of any blocks at anytime. Anything that is found in the world or can be crafted from items found in the world, is fair game. But spawning in blocks using the 'spawn' command is strictly forbidden.
  • Be RESPECTFUL in Player Interactions, by which is meant that no abusive or inappropriate language should ever be used in any type of communication in the game. We practice the Golden Rule by which playes are expected to treat other players how they themselves would like to be treated. Continual violation of this policy will result in blacklisting.
The above short list may expand as new issues come up which need to be addressed, but it is what are going to follow now at the beginning of this launch.

We look forward to interacting with any interested Ashdown residents in our Mincecraft World, so please apply!


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