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Mailing lists

Upon checking into Ashdown House, you'll be added to the following mailing lists automatically within a few hours:

ashdown (at)

(Mandatory) This is the primary, moderated official mailing list onto which all Ashdown residents are subscribed, and carry all important building-related announcements, policy changes, housemaster and other official correspondence, announcements about social events and AHEC (house government) agendas, and other announcements that must be made to the entire community. When you move into Ashdown House, you will soon be added to this list. As part of Ashdown policy, you must remain on ashdown, the official list, for the duration you reside in Ashdown House. If you wish to add yourself out of interest or because you will soon be moving to Ashdown, please visit the Ashdown mailing list page. If you have moved out of Ashdown House and need to be removed from the list, please unsubscribe yourself at Ashdown mailing list page, too.

ashdown-talk (at)

(Optional) Ashdown-talk is an informal discussion list that is unmoderated for those who have joined the list. You are encouraged to subscribe and take an active part in discussing issues at Ashdown. You're also welcome to use this list to buy and sell items, ask for information, advertise non-Ashdown events relevant to the Ashdown community, ask for tools, find sports/study buddies, or anything else. Please use common sense when posting to ashdown-talk, be concise, and be respectful of other residents. Also, please note that attachments are banned from ashdown-talk -- in order to keep the byte volume low, please share documents with links instead. You may remove yourself from ashdown-talk if you choose. Please subscribe or unsubscribe by visiting the Ashdown-talk mailing list page.

ashdown-floor-X (at)

(Mandatory) These mailing lists for each floor X contain the residents of the floor, and may be used for announcements about floor events or floor-related building issues.

ashdown-building-X (at)

(Mandatory) Seldom used, these mailing lists organise residents by the building numbers X at Ashdown.

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