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See the Grad Housing website for more detailed information and floor plans.

Common Spaces

  • Vending Machines (1st floor)
  • Elevators
  • Floor Kitchens (2nd-5th floors)
  • Bowtie Lounges (2nd-3rd floors)
  • Floor Lounges (2nd-5th floors)
  • TV Room (1st floor)
  • Bike Room (1st floor)
  • Aerobics Room (1st floor)
  • Crafts Lounge (1st floor)
  • Ingram Music Room (1st floor)
  • Laundry Room (2nd floor)
  • Weight Room (1st floor)
  • Fabyan Room (1st floor), Lobby (2nd floor)
  • Thirsty Ear Pub (1st floor)
  • Hulsizer Room (1st floor)

Building Numbers