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Dr. Avery Ashdown, Ashdown House's First Housemaster
Dr. Avery Allen Ashdown,
Ashdown's 1st Housemaster

From Avery Ashdown to the Berinsky-Logans and Románs, Ashdown Housemasters and Associate Housemasters have been extremely important members of the Ashdown Community throughout its history. Over their individual tenures, they have shaped and been shaped by the values of the Community and fostered the traditions of the House.

Being MIT faculty members and serving as representatives of the Institute and crucial advocates for the well-being of Ashdown residents, the Housemasters fulfill a number of different roles in Ashdown. On the one hand, they are a tremendous confidential resource for gradaute students who need guidance and help on matters relating to personal as well as academic/professional issues. On the other hand, the Housemasters are very visible members of the Community who support the Ashdown House Executive Council and run semesterly Housemasters Dinners/Events in their apartments and assist community members in the planning and running socials that help break the monotony of graduate life (e.g., one of the current Ashdown Housemasters, Adam Berinsky, shares his talent for making delicious smoked ribs durings some Ashdown BBQs and Katie Román and the Román kids help to make the Ashdown Garden a vibrant and relaxing component of Ashdown during the warmer months of the year).

Ultimately, the Housemasters choose to share themselves as well as the lives of their families with their fellow Ashdown residents. This commitment to service has made the Housemaster role at Ashdown an incredibly important and indispensable component of the Ashdown Community since it was founded in 1933.

Please see the following links for more information about how past Ashdown Housemasters have supported and influenced the development of the Ashdown Community over the years:

Both the Berinsky-Logans and Románs are still writing their own Housemaster histories and, with the help of current Ashdown residents, they too will add their own important contributions to the continued development and improvement of the Ashdown Community.

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