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House Government and Officers

Ashdown residents play a key role in dorm operations and management. The main people responsible for running the dorm are the Ashdown House Executive Committee (AHEC) and the many Ashdown officers. The procedures on voting and elections are described in the Ashdown House Constitution and the Ashdown Election Policy.

If you are an Ashdown Officer:

Ashdown House Executive Committee (AHEC)

AHEC consists of five residents and is elected annually in the Spring. The five positions are Chair, Vice-Chair, Officer Coordinator and Secretary. The AHEC Chair presides over the weekly AHEC meetings and acts as the primary liaison to the MIT administration and other student groups. The Treasurer keeps track of the available funds, writes proposals for outside funding sources, and coordinates reimbursements for purchases made by Ashdown officers. The Vice-Chair assists the Chair in their duties, acts in their place when they are absent and is also responsible for running all in-house room lotteries. The Officer Coordinator maintains a list of current Ashdown officers and assigns seniority points accordingly. Finally, the Secretary is primarily responsible for taking minutes at AHEC meetings.

AHEC meets every Thursday evening in the Crafts Lounge to discuss dorm-related issues. These meetings are open to the entire Ashdown community. All residents are encouraged to attend, whether they have something to contribute or simply want to listen. Residents are also free to bring up problems or concerns at AHEC meetings. If you have something to add to the agenda, please email ahec (at)

The current AHEC members are:

Nicole Moody

Meicen Sun
External Affairs Coordinator

Eric Alt
Internal Affairs Coordinator

Vishal Patil
Officer Coordinator

Xueying Zhao

Ashdown Officers

Everything Ashdown does, from caring for fish to planning dance parties to keeping the pianos in tune, is powered by our officers — residents who have volunteered their time to help out the dorm. Even though the positions have varied responsibilities, all of them are important in keeping the building running smoothly.

For their hard work, officers are rewarded with up to 3 seniority points per term. This gives them a huge advantage in our in-house lottery.

A current listing of officer positions is given below. Please contact if any of these jobs sound appealing to you, or if you just want to help make Ashdown a better place. Additionally, feel free to suggest new officer positions that are more aligned with your interests.

Arts Officer

Benjamin Chang
The Arts Officer is responsible for encouraging participation in the arts at Ashdown House. They are expected to maintain a collection of artwork around Ashdown (both inside the House and in the courtyards) as well as provide arts-related opportunities for Ashdown residents.
ashdown-arts (at)

Brunch Committee

Weike Vicky Sun

Wei Wei

Juliana Julie Park

Yijin Susan Wei

Theodore Grunberg

Chi Wang

Liam Comidy

Yifeng Che

Tao Feng

Xueying Sherry Guo

Ruihao Terence Zhu

Jiachen Mao
The Brunch Committee is responsible for organizing brunches on Sunday mornings at noon in Ashdown’s Hulsizer Room approximately once a month.
ashdown-brunch (at)

Brunch Committee Co-chairs

Mukund Gupta

ashdown-brunch-chair (at)

Cherry Pie Society Officer

Brynmor Chapman (Cherry Pie Soc)
The Cherry Pie Society Officer is responsible for running and coordinating Ashdown’s intellectual discussion group, the Cherry Pie Society.
ashdown-cherry (at)

Coffee Hour Committee

Justin Paloni

Matthew Sobiesk

In Young Hur

Stephanie Mabel Kong

Jian-An Ke

Margaret Lee

Elaine McVay

Farnaz Jahanbakhsh

Mina Dalirrooyfard

Nihal Koduri

Cynthia Hajal

Katharine Virginia Greco

Katie Hahm
The Coffee Hour Committee is responsible for organizing Ashdown's weekly coffee hour every Thursday night at 9 pm in the Hulsizer Room. This long-standing tradition provides residents with a great setting to relax and socialize while enjoying snacks and coffee.
ashdown-coffee (at)

Coffee Hour Committee Co-chairs

Somya Singhvi

Divya Singhvi

ashdown-coffee-chair (at)

Communications Officers

Abbas Ghandi

I-Ying Sophie Liao

Neha Bokil
The Communications Officers are responsible recording and disseminating information in Ashdown. At least one Officer is to be present at every AHEC meeting for detailed notes (to be collated by AHEC Secretary and posted on the Ashdown website). They are also responsible for the IAP/Summer Alumni Newsletters and aiding with the “Welcome Brochure” for new residents during August. This position is experimental and may be subject to change in consultation with the Officers.
ashdown-comms (at)

Communities Committee Chair

Haluk Akay

ashdown-communities-chair (at)

Events Committee

Kimberly Dinh

Maxwell Nagarajan

Yuwei Li

Alan Sage

Sahana Vasudevan

Justin Holmgren

Jean Carlos Serrano

Haley Schilling

Ki-Joo Sung

Carlos Barajas

Donovan Guttieres
The Events Committee consists of the group of Ashdown officers who primarily plan and run minor/major Ashdown-wide and MIT Graduate Community-wide events that are held at Ashdown. They are responsible for Orientation activities, general social events, non arts-related outings, culturally-themed events and certain signature Ashdown traditions that are open to the entire MIT Graduate Community.
ashdown-events (at)

Events Committee Co-chairs

Ricardo Santos-Baptista

ashdown-events-chair (at)

Floor Officers

Siyu Sylvia Dai

Haoquan Tony Zhang

Danhao Ma

Haocun Yu

Sharon Xu
Floor Officers serve as a residential assistants and voice fellow residents' concerns and interests to AHEC. They are responsible for encouraging interaction among residents and organizing floor events, as well as overseeing the floor common areas and the use of floor bulletin boards.
ashdown-officers-floor (at)

Inventory Subcommittee

Suzana Fong

Olamide Oladeji

Dimitrios Fraggedakis

Albert Magnell

Xingang Zhao
The Inventory Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining the inventory of, and tracking the status of, resident facilities within Ashdown House in the Ashdown Courtyards, the Ashdown Front Desk/Mail Room, the Ashdown Lobby, the Ashdown Laundry Room, the Ashdown Kitchen, and the AHEC Storage Closet. It is also in charge of maintaining gym equipment (emails to now forward to Inventory).
ashdown-inventory (at)

Operations Committee Chair

Aditya Thomas

ashdown-ops-chair (at)

Outings & Athletics Officers

Shane Zhang
The Outings & Athletics Officers are responsible for all outings- and athletics-related events in Ashdown, as well as being a liaison for other athletics-related events on campus. Tasks include coordinating Ashdown intramural sports teams and organizing Ashdown outings (basketball/hockey games, snowball fights/skating, "hot-pot" dinner in Chinatown, etc). Please note that gym maintenance duties are now handled by the Inventory Subcommittee.
ashdown-outings (at)

Photographer Officer

Tony Shu
The Photographer is responsible for documenting life at Ashdown House. Other responsibilities include taking photographs at major events and documenting the dormitory's history.
ashdown-photo (at)

Publicity Subcommittee

Ketian Zhang

Kristen Rio LaVigne

Yue Wu

Sajjad Mohammadiyangijeh
The Publicity Committee is responsible for collecting information about Ashdown, MIT, and off-campus events and publicizing them. Other responsibilities include sending out a weekly email to residents about events and organizing publicity campaigns for Ashdown events (creating posters, printing them, and putting them up around campus).
ashdown-publicity (at)

Technology Subcommittee

Yi Lu

Cheng Feng Gary Lee

Shichao Yue
The Technology Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the Ashdown website and the computing facilities at the dorm. The Technology Committee helps with the hallway displays throughout the building as well as other AV systems in the common areas.
ashdown-tech (at)

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