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Front desk

Front desk has a number of useful items and movies available to residents to borrow free of charge, as long as items are returned on time. Fines may be imposed on items past the due time - $5 immediately and $1 each subsequent day.

Tools, games and sports equipment

The following items can be checked out for a maximum of 24 hours at a time (limits for vacuum cleaners, dumbbells and irons - 2 hours, for Carts, Broom & Dust Pan and Mop & Bucket - 3 hours, for Clothes Drying Racks - 72 hours). Please inform Front Desk about accidental damages or defects upon return so we know to replace them. Please send suggestions for tools/games/sports equipment to AHEC at ashdown-inventory (at)

Checked out

Vacuum Use Instructions

Before checking out the Sanitaire vacuums (S-1, S-2 and S-4), please watch the following video clip about vacuum use:
  • 2:34 – 3:25 describes how to empty the dust cup: Video


Ashdown also has an ever-growing DVD collection. Movies can be checked out for a maximum of 48 hours at a time. Please report damaged DVDs to Front Desk when you check them in so we know to replace them. Send DVD suggestions to AHEC at ashdown-inventory (at)

DVD players can be found in the big TV room on the first floor, and in kitchens on floors 2/3/4/5 (look on the side of the TV).

Checked out

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