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Communities@Ashdown are a way to get toghether with other residents to enjoy a common interest.


Book Club @Ashdown

This summer we had an Ashdown book club that ran monthly... for one month. We read Fahrenheit 451 and had a great discussion about it. Turn out was small and most people involved read the book the morning before the discussion. Because of doubts from the organizer about the success of future meetings, the book club never had a second meeting.

If you would like to host a second book club meeting, please contact Ashdown would be excited to support your endevor through book and food subsidies.

Game Night @Ashdown

Game Night has been running strong for almost a year now. Throughout the fall, spring, and summer, there have been over 15 game nights where Ashdown residents have gotten together in the Hulsizer room to play various board games. They are normally every other Wednesday night starting at 8 PM. They have also been known to occur on other nights starting at other times. Check out some of the games from the front desk that make appearences at game night here.

If you would like to play some board games, keep an eye out for announcements on the list.

Garden @Ashdown

During the spring, summer and fall months Ashdown has a vibrant gardening community. This community uses the Ashdown Community Garden in the Ashdown West Courtyard to plant throughout the year. In the spring and summer it is not uncommon to see onions, carrots and other vegetables growing. In the fall, the community even plants pumpkins in some plots! The only persistent problem is that the Ashdown Courtyard rabbits sometimes get in, but the gardening community is working on "Bug Bunny"-proofing the garden fence in time for this planting season.

Grilling @Ashdown

Grilling often occurs weekends during the summer. This past summer we had a series of two gilling classes to introduce residents to grilling. These classes covered basic skills such as starting a grill using a charcoal chimney, all the way to advanced skills such as grilling salmon using a cedar plank.

If you are interested in grilling on your own, please take a look at the instructions here.

Contact for more information.

Mafia @Ashdown

This summer we had a trial Mafia Night event. Mafia is a game of deception played with a medium group of people. A overview can be found on its Wikipedia entry. Some pictures from the previous Mafia Night at Ashdown can be found in the Ashdown Photo Gallery here.

If you would like to host a Mafia Night, please let know.

Minecraft @Ashdown

Starting this spring, Ashdown will be hosting its very own Minecraft server. Minecraft is an open sandbox-style game in which players can collaborate on buidling projects, exploring the various biomes and fighting enemies like zombies and spiders. A more detailed explanation of this Community can be found here and for Minecraft in general here.

Spiritual Refreshment @Ashdown

In our busy lives, sometimes we need time to take a break and relax. Shabnam Raayai Ardakani, one of our AHEC members, is interested in hosting sessions of spiritual refreshment where residents can share quotes, stories, poems, songs, or they can share inspirational writings from various faiths.

If you would like to help Shabnam out with these sessions in the fall, please let know.

Your Community @Ashdown

Contact for more information about starting your own community. We can provide support including advertising, use of the hulsizer room, and even financial support for some events.

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