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How To Grill @ Ashdown

Ashdown has 3 massive Webber charcoal grills available for residents to check out. We also have BBQ kits available at the front desk. These kits include spatulas, tongs, a grill brush, and directions on how to use and clean the kit. We rely on all of our residents to cleaning up after themselves so the grills and the kits can be used in the future.

If you don't clean up after yourself, you will be fined, and you may lose the privilege to use the grill and the BBQ kits again.

This site should serve as a guide on how to properly use the grills and clean up after yourself.


Checking Out the Grilling Kit

Before leaving the lobby, please ensure that your kit is complete. It should include all of the items indicated in Figure 1 in clean, working order. If it does not, report the deficiency to the front desk staff immediately, or leave a note (including kit number) in the fine box in the lobby. If you return a kit with missing, damaged, or dirty items that do not match the faults reported upon checkout, you will be fined for any necessary replacements or repairs (minimum $10, maximum $100).

Grill Daddy Pro Assembly & Cleaning

Each kit includes a Grill Daddy Pro brush for cleaning the grills. These brushes are complicated and require assembly before using them on the grills. After cleaning the grills, the Grill Daddy Pro brush heads need to be cleaned. The following video shows how to assemble and clean the Grill Daddy Pro:

Cleaning the Rest of the Grilling Kit

Each grilling utensil needs to be cleaned with soap and water. Returning utensils that have not been washed will result in a fine. After washing the tools, let them air dry before returning them back to the kit.

Returning the Kit

Once everything is clean and dry*, reassemble the kit in the container provided. Make sure all the pieces make it back in the kit. At this point the kit is ready to return to the front desk so others can use it after you.

*If it is not dry, putting the tools away in a sealed container may cause mold. If you return the kit with everything still wet and mold grows on any of the pieces of the kit, you can be fined even if all the pieces were clean when you returned it. This is especially important for the Grill Daddy Pro head.

Thanks for Reading and good luck grilling!

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