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Ever wonder how Ashdown is able to put on so many awesome and free events for its residents? Well of course our lovely officers do a great job organizing these events, but these events only really come together with the help of volunteers (That's you! Or soon to be you!).

Whether you are a new to Ashdown and want to meet new people and/or get involved or whether you have been here a few years and just want to give back to our community at Ashdown, volunteering is definitely the way to do those things. Through volunteering, you can learn cool new things you never even realized you wanted to know! Things such as cutting different types of fruit (not all are cut the same way), setting up Ashdown's giant speakers, making guacamole from scratch, making pancakes, grilling, learning about different culture's foods and whatever else our officers think of and need help with.

So in addition to meeting cool, new people and learning cool, new things, many volunteering opportunities have benefits such as getting to eat some of the food (for an event serving food) before those attending! Check specific listings for what extra benefits they may have. Further, as a thank you and a way to recognize your efforts, you will be invited to a periodic volunteer social.

Still interested? Go fill out that form to stay abreast of all the events requiring help and keep an eye out for calls for volunteers from the events themselves!

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